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"Coder Enterprise has been a massive step forward in ensuring that my team is happy (since they can use the tools they want), while I can be confident in the security of our systems and our customers' data."


Developer Velocity and Enterprise Security in Harmony

Coder Enterprise moves software development to the cloud, enabling secure developer velocity, from anywhere, on any device, using the tools of your choice

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Automate the time-consuming, manual processes of setting up dev environments and let the developers focus on code.

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Global Access

Support for distributed teams, secure access from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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Integrate controls seamlessly across the entire workflow, without obstructing innovation.

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Support for VSCode, Jupyter Notebook, IntelliJ, Eclipse, PyCharm, GitLab, BitBucket, GitHub, & more.

Open Source vs Enterprise

At the heart of Coder Enterprise is code-server, our primary open-source product used daily by thousands of developers to access remote dev environments running VS Code. Coder Enterprise builds upon the foundation of code-server and adds features designed to maximize developer velocity within the enterprise — including multi-IDE support and additional security layers — while retaining the performance and ease of use that made code-server an essential open-source solution.

    Feature code-server
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Coder Enterprise
icon-flash icon-shield Remote IDE icon-checkmark icon-checkmark
icon-flash   Multi-editor support   icon-checkmark
icon-flash icon-shield Environment Management   icon-checkmark
icon-flash   Personal config support   icon-checkmark
icon-flash icon-shield Code Repository   icon-checkmark
icon-flash   Scaling out (Kubernetes)   icon-checkmark
  icon-shield SSO (AD, OpenID Connect)   icon-checkmark
  icon-shield Audit logging   icon-checkmark
icon-flash icon-shield Team management   icon-checkmark
    icon-flash = Velocity feature      icon-shield = Security Feature